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Tehran, Iran
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Slide Product Development

New product development

We transform your ideas into market-ready software solutions from the ground up, taking scalability, robustness and customizability into account.

Component delivery

Product Sweep creates specific or standalone functionality, additional features, modules or applications to enrich your product and extend your offering.

Project rescue

In case you have a partially completed product with no documentation, we analyze product completeness, prepare a plan and get your software up and running.

In-house team augmentation

To extend or optimize your current development capabilities, we offer outsourced software development or individual developers with required technology skills.

Product consulting

Our cross-functional team of analysts, architects, UX experts and engineers guides you through technical and functional feasibility to elaborate and validate product concept and prepare foundation for future design and development work.

Requirements engineering

We assign business analysts with domain knowledge to elicit, analyze, validate and document all functional and non-functional requirements, data exchange flows and user interface components, prepare product vision and project scope.

Software prototyping

We deliver specifications to describe desired functionality and behaviors; wireframes to acquire feedback early in the process; clickable prototypes to quickly test solution elements; proof-of- concept to evaluate and validate solution with stakeholders before development commencement.

Product architecture

Our architects analyze possible product use cases and deployment scenarios to spot technically infeasible or expensive features and propose the most suited technology stack. We deliver well-considered system architectures, compatible with various environments.

Product UX

Based on research of user needs and behavior, our UXD team determines the way people will navigate and use your future product through conceptual modelling, information and interaction scenario design. We test early concepts and gather feedback on user paths to optimize engagement and improve performance.

MVP development

Our team of solution analysts and architects translate your vision into technology features, define product scope, and rollout an MVP strategy. Then we develop and test a prototype, collecting feedback at early development stages, avoiding over-engineering and including all features users really need.

In-product analytics

We equip your product with analytics to aggregate customer feedback and information on how people use your solution or its particular elements, test and evaluate new features and experiences, detect usage patterns and identify opportunities for product improvement.

You get an overview of features that need to be rebuilt, those that are of utmost importance, and those that are still missing that enables you to plan and prioritize changes and new development iterations.